Our program:

Yoga program for children of all ages.
Yoga classes are conducted once a week through lesson plans that are designed keeping the special need of children in mind and are based on the Bhavas.
We invite corporate houses/ individuals to aid us with sponsorships for this cause.

Why Yoga:
Yoga addresses the complete human development. When instilled at a young age the child develops positive ideas, attitudes, and practices for life. These practices would assist the child through the ups and downs of life with great éclat. It will offer a plethora of techniques which contribute to the individual’s material, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and well-being.  The time has come to inculcate a fearless and carefree attitude towards life and not a careless fearful mind. Children are our future, and we should hence invest with deep compassion and understanding.

Yoga is about developing a strong, yet positive character. We need to make positive and purposeful citizens for our planet. What we sow now, so shall we reap in the future. There are many programs that aim at self-development of the individual; but it cannot be denied that all of these different practices are ultimately derived from or inspired by Yoga. What differs Yoga from all other programs is its truly holistic approach to the individual, with its full array of practices and techniques.
Our current activities:
1) Ma Niketan Ashram :
A home for underprivileged girls. Training about 70 girls between the age group 9 to 14 years since 2008.
2) BECC :
Orphanage for underprivileged boys since 2008.
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