» The Paradigm Isolation Solitude
Paradigm means a underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject. The Paradigm of human life is that our desires and actions manifest “either as an experience of solitude and serenity or one that of Isolation and distress.

Solitude is a state of “oneness”, whereby one enjoys the state of ones being and participation in life. One enjoys ones own company, occupied with the “self” and its potentials. We experience balance with our environment
and the people within it.

Isolation is a state of loneliness whereby one feels unwanted, unloved and generally in a state of despair and distant from oneself and others.

The Paradigm is a yoga research that reveals the scheme of how this life mechanism functions and affects on us. The Paradigm is a domino effect, initiated by desires concluding either into solitude or isolation.
» Yogachara Chart: A schematic diagram for, “The Paradigm”, is implementing Yoga sutras in day to day living, on one page.
This flow diagram shows how our desires affect our lifestyle. The chart exhibits the current state of our being. How our desires may become indulgences leading to obstructions, structural defects and perversions in our personality complex concluding into Isolation. Conversely the chart shows how desires when used purposefully lead into discovery of ones potentials and possibilities. Read this chart in conjunction with “The Paradigm”.
Personality Complex Chart: A schematic matrix describing the complete Human Personality Complex.

This diagram shows the gross-subtle-causal body complex in relation with chakras and Koshas. There is complete subdivision of each Kosha or sheath into its 5-fold manifestation.

Each of the bodies, Kosha and chakras are further classified into detailed 5-fold manifestations within the physical body, energy and sensory body, mind and intellect and so on. This chart is a detailed study of human Personality Complex in variety of its complementary subdivisions.

Chakras and Their Relations
A detailed scheme showing the relation between the various chakras with the different yoga styles, lifestyle, and other concepts of yoga.
Yoga at School: Yoga is Education not Qualification
Implementing Yoga amongst all individuals associated with the school, whether they are students or parent– teachers or simply school staff.

This plan has been presented as in a “Yantra Model” to assist all educators and yoga teachers to implement yoga amongst the whole population concerned with the activities of the school and quality of education imparted.
Yoga Syllabus for School Children: Effective implementation of Yoga Education for children
To implement yoga at school, we need a curriculum that will implement life style based yoga education. This curriculum is to impart “life affirming values” amongst the children while allowing realization of their potentials and possibilities. This syllabus covers all age groups from 5 up to 17 years. We have effective Questionnaires to study and understand the Natural Disposition of the child and potentials, so that the yoga education maybe implemented with accuracy and efficacy.
Yoga for Parents - Teacher - School Staff - Adults
This is a syllabus to implement Yoga amongst all adults from age of 18 years and above. Again we have questionnaires “Life Quotient”, for studying the natural patterns and life styles of the adult so as to maximize ones resources while maintaining homeostatic well-being.
Yoga for Sadhakas: Yoga Teachers Training Programs
“Walking the Talk” or “Practice what is Preached”
Curriculum to impart yoga education to a yoga teacher effectively, to discover a good sadhakas, a good teacher who leads by example. Humble yet effective, with a iron hand in a leather glove. An individual who is self motivated and can inspire sincerity amongst the students whatever the age. Deliver results effectively and be a good mirror is qualities inculcated by the yoga teacher.

The “Yogi” is the cream of cream de la cream or the elite amongst the elite and educated, hence the necessity of proper attitude (bhava) and disposition of a “yoga teacher” or “yogi in making”. We have Yoga Teacher Training Programs for 200 hours, 500 hours up to 5000 hours. Above 500 hours of training is based on fundamental research in yoga and allied subjects or shastras like Samkhya, Vedanta and Tantra. We have set of questionnaires “Yoga Quotient”, for effective self-study and implementing yoga successfully.
Yoga for Corporates: Implementing yoga for a sedentary urban life style
Yoga is effective and purposeful management of resources
resulting in all round growth and also contentment.
Yoga acknowledges the variety of challenges of an urban life style, its competitive nature and lack of time etc. Despite our varied life style and patterns, yoga acknowledges these and also the bright side and faltering in our life styles.

Yoga is about experiencing homeostatic well being. Yoga says if one cannot change their life style, just include yogic techniques to strengthen the personality complex and overcome the weakness and shortcomings that are direct result of our life styles and desires. Any adult with any life style can use this book to get the full benefit of yoga life style and techniques.

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